Prior To Arrival

Prior to Arrival

  • An Interview with the dog
  • A completed application
  • A copy of your pet's vaccination records showing dates given for Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella
  • Yearly Fecal - Must be clean
  • Use a monthly heartworm, flea and tick preventative

What to Bring to Overnight Stays

  • Your pet’s food with feeding instructions attached.
  • Please include 1 day extra of food incase of flight cancellations, extended trip stay etc. If bringing 10 lb. Bags of food or moreplease mark your pet’s food legibly. Remember, your dog is playin' hard all day! Package a little extra food per meal so his/her calorie intake can keep up with your pups activity level.
  • A standard flat collar (no chocker chains or prong collars)
  • A leash attached to your dog’s flat collar
  • Medications (if applicable) *All pet medications MUST BE LABELED & STAFF NOTIFIED of proper dispersal amounts per day! Fill out a medication form.
  • And…that’s it!


  • Your pet’s bed or something that smells of home like a pillow case, sweatshirt, blanket, etc.
  • Please write your name on all belongings that are of value to you or your furry friend!

We provide

  • The bed and a comfy blanket to snuggle in for a good night sleep.
  • A good night kiss during tuck in.

*Our apologies to unsocial dogs, but dogs MUST be freely able to socialize with other dogs and get along without ISSUES. Four Paws Playground does not discriminate to breeds. Four Paws Playground does NOT accept dogs that are not socialized for boarding or daycare services. Dogs MUST be able to run around freely & safely throughout his/her day!

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At Four Paws Playground, your dog gets plenty of socialization playing with both our staff and other dogs. We gently help your dog improve his behavior. Most of all, your dog has fun.

Don’t leave your favorite dog home alone. Call Four Paws Playground today to schedule doggie daycare.

At Four Paws Playground, we think of our crateless boarding as dog camp, an opportunity for your four-legged buddy to make new friends and enjoy romping outdoors supervised by our trained and caring staff. Four Paws Playground is fun for your dog and convenient for you. With our all-inclusive pricing, there are no hidden charges. Best of all, when you are away from home, you know your dog is receiving extra special care.

You love your dog — but you may not love how he behaves. At Focur Paws Playground, we provide positive training so you and your family can build a strong bond with your canine friend. You learn to reward positive behaviors and redirect unwanted ones. Our positive training classes are led by Mychaelann “Myke” Miller, owner of Four Paws Playground, who has experience in many styles and types of dog training.

New Office Hours September 1, 2016

We are changing our office hours effective September 1, 2016. The new hours are as follows: Monday through Friday – 6 AM to 7 PM Saturday – 9 AM to 5 PM Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM Please plan accordingly. Woof! Continue Reading

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