WHY Puppy Wednesday?


Puppies have an overabundance of energy; this is a great way to release the energy and have a HAPPY and TIRED puppy.

  1. Safety is our priority!

  • Your Puppy will attend play groups with same size, age range, medical conditions and style of play.
  • The owner has been working and teaching dogs for over 27 years.
  • Our experienced staff keep close watch over all our family.
  • Fully fenced in play areas
  1. Training

  • While attending daycare – our staff encourage all puppies to have proper manners which includes no jumping on humans, sharing, stop nipping, and coming when called.
  1. Socialization

  • It is important to socialize your pup at a young age! Link to Report
  • Dogs need to be with other dogs and build life-long friendships.
  • We had dogs come to daycare as puppies and now 10 years later they are still best friends!
  1. Confidence - Our puppies get to try new things all the time.

  • By exposing our puppies to new things builds self-confidence adult dogs.
  • Summer Time – We offer a huge chlorinated splash pool call our Fish Pond. Dogs love exploring and cooling off in the water.
  • We offer a variety of playground things for our pups to up. Under, around and through such as tunnels and ramps.
  1. Hours of Play

  • Wednesday hours are normal business hours except for holidays.
  • Your pup is welcome to stay all day or just a few hours.

It is wonderful to watch our puppies mature and grow into dogs.